Author Guidelines

The Guidelines for the Manuscript

  1. The manuscript has never been published / published in other media, typed with double spacing on A4 paper with the letter Time New Romans size 12, the number of pages is 10-25 pages, be equipped: mazimum of the title is 14 words (Indonesian and English), abstract as much as 150- 200 words (Indonesian and English), and three to five words of the keyword in Indonesian.
  2. Manuscripts that may be contained in this journal include reviews, ideas or research results on Islamic Economic.
  3. The article contains the title, the name of the author (without an academic degree), author's institution, address, email, abstract (150-200 words), keywords (keywords), introduction containing background, aim, introduction, discussion, Bibliography.
  4. Referral sources in articles are written in footnote form. The composition of the writing is: the name of the author (not reversed), the title of the book (italic), print to (cet.), Publisher city, publisher name, and year of publication. The terms op.cit., Loc.cit., And ibid. not used here
  5. The manuscript is typed with regard the rules on the use of punctuation and spelling which is contained in General Guidelines for Enhanced Indonesian Spelling
  6. The article is sent in the form of soft copy (file doc or rtf or docx) to the editorial board of the Journal Mutlaqah: Jurnal Kajian Ekonomi Syariah.
  7. The editor does not return a manuscript that is not published.
  8. Delivery of the manuscript accompanied by address, telephone number, fax and e-mail. The published or rejection of the manuscript will be notified in writing. Scripts that are not published will not be returned, except at the author's request. To the author given 3 copies of the journal as a proof of published.