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In an effort to increase or maintain continuity and improve the quality of a product in a company the need to do promotional activities to maximize the marketing process of goods or services of a company. The purpose of the promotion to provide information, influence and persuade also remind customers of the company promoted and its marketing mix. In the promotion there are several activities performed in general there are four activities that can be done are: Perkiklanan, personal selling, sales promotion and public relation. The purchase decision is an individual who is instrumental in making a crucial decision to make purchase transactions against the products offered by the selling party. The goal is to obtain data and information about the business activities of PT. Sunlife Syariah Medan. And aims to know how much the influence of Advertising, Personal Selling, Public relations, sales promotion to purchasing decisions. Using the SPSS method in Windows version 2.0 and the model of analysis to be used in this study is a double linear regression analysis, T test and test determinations. It is noted that the R-Square value of 0.116 or 11.6% means that a promoted Buran is able to explain the purchase decision is the remainder of the 11.6% described by another variable. It is thus concluded that the promotional Bauran has a contribution or has a very significant influence on the purchase decision to be implemented.


Keywords: promotional mix purchase decision

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