Tengku Ahmad Helmi, Sri Gustina Pane, Ismail Nasution, Tri Kartika Yudha


This study examines the framework of the basic research model for Self-Congruity formed based on the dimensions of Actual-Self Congruity, Ideal-Self Congruity, Social-Self Congruity, Ideal-Social Self Congruity, Avoidance Similarty and Consumption Status. The framework of the research model refers to self-theoy and social identity theory because this research model was studied to see how much influence self-congruity has on hedonistic users and utilitarian users.


Self-Congruity, Actual-Self Congruity, Ideal-Self Congruity, Social-Self Congruity, Ideal-Social Congruity, Avoidance Similarty, Status Consumption.

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